Mr. Mahendra Jaiswal

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About Founder

Cosmopolitan is promoted and run by DHARMA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY a society with a passion for education. The foundation stone of the school was laid by Hira Lal Jaisawal, Ram Kumar Jaisawal & Smt. Dharma Devi ( the president ) on 24 July 2010 with great pleasure. It has been almost a year since it has been initiated. It is setup with a mission to build socially aware and responsible citizens. The vision of the school is to provide all round education and nurture a child’s innate curiosity and help the child achieve excellence.

When we accept challenge we realize that limitation do not exist. life is an endless series of challenge prepares children to deal with them in the most successful manner. However, these challenges cannot be met unless the child first cultivates the ability to work hard and disciplines his/her routine. 

It will be my endeavour to create such a learning environment and aspearhead a period that will compliment the glorious tradition of this prestigious institution yet accommodate change.
Discipline is the main value ethic that provides direction, the inherent will to be punctual as well as meet deedlines,which are basic tenets that one has to inculcate if one wishes to achieve targets and reach goals. I am confident that a planned,disciplined approach will be more conducive to achieving academic excellence.We must provide a teaching learning ambience where a child is encouraged to think independently as also believe in him/her. He/she should understand concept instead of relaying on memorizing and learning by rote.